Eelco Niens


Naam:            Eelco Niens
Instrument:   (Lead) Guitar

Eelco’s Youtube-kanaal

Eelco heeft in meerdere bands gespeeld – waaronder als lead-gitarist van Rockformatie Voodoo – waarbij hij als hoogtepunt mocht spelen in het voorprogramma van de Golden Earring tijdens het Oerrockfestival te Ureterp op 20 mei 2005.


Gear (main guitars):
(old picture, check list below for current rig)
  • Gibson Les Paul Goldtop (1969)
    A ’69 with super rare ’68 features such as a 1-piece body, 1-piece neck with no volute, small headstock and long neck tenon. It is all original and has untouched electronics with 4x pots stamped 137.68.50,
    P-90’s and the no dotted ‘i’, open ‘b’ en ‘o’ logo.

    • Check TFOA: YouTube (played by Leif de Leeuw)
  • Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beauty (1980)
  • Gibson Les Paul Heritage 80 Elite (1982)
    Honeyburst quilted top
  • Fender Stratocaster (Refin) Olympic White (1963)
    The real deal: Pre-CBS, spagetthi logo, “L” series, ‘clay’ dots and the mint green pickguard. 
  • Gibson Les Paul CM FR EB LTD (2016)
  • Gibson Melody Maker Special (2011)
    Signed by John Hayes of Mother’s Finest
  • Gibson Les Paul BFG Mocca (2007)
Rack-setup (front & rear):
Same as the guitars, this is an old photo, the equipment has since been updated again (but the list below is up to date)


Gear (main amps, effects, etc.):
  • Samson Powerbrite PB10 Pro
  • Kemper Profiling Amplifier PowerRack (19″)
  • Kemper Profiler Remote
  • Matrix CFR12 (FRFR) wedge monitor
  • Mission Engineering EP1-KP-GN (2x) Volume and Wah
  • Line 6 Relay G50 wireless system
  • In-Ear: Shure PSM 200 P2T (Shure SE535’s)

Eelco’s Youtube-kanaal